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We will be listing many of the job descriptions for finance and real estate talent at charter schools, charter school networks, and the groups providing services to them – lenders, developers, and venture philanthropists.

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Lisa Desfosses
Managing Member and Interim CFO
i+c Consulting

If you were to speak with Lisa Desfosses, you would discover pretty quickly that she is a natural-born problem-solver. With more than 17 years of experience in real estate, finance, capital planning, operations, facility management, and strategic planning experience, Ms. Desfosses is unwavering when it's time to roll-up her sleeves and find answers to tough questions. In fact, she loves to dive into the details and understand the how and the why behind every real estate development project.

Though Ms. Desfosses has worked extensively for charter schools, she did not take a straight-line path to get there. Upon graduation from college, she worked for a management consulting company where she learned data analysis, project management and presentation skills. At the same time, she developed a strong interest in economic development and the transformation of cities. With that interest in mind, Ms. Desfosses went on to get her MBA , and afterward, accepted a job in New Haven, managing large state-funded economic development projects.

Her work got noticed, and she was soon recruited by Achievement First, a charter school management organization. Ms. Desfosses didn't think she was all that interested, but they persuaded her to meet with them. She was sold and accepted the job. During her time at Achievement First, Ms. Desfosses applied the hard skills she'd learned through management consulting to public charter schools. She managed construction, debt load, cash management, and eventually, she rose to become Deputy CFO.

Today, Ms. Desfosses manages her own consulting firm, and she credits her success to vigilance – always keeping her eyes and ears open to opportunities. She has loved her work with public charter schools, because she's been in a position to use her skills and acumen for a good cause. Ms. Desfosses believes this area of work is perfect for someone with an intellectual curiosity who enjoys data analysis, problem-solving, and project management.

Kahlmus Eatman
Vice President, Operations
Pacific Charter School Development

Kahlmus Eatman views investing in minority youth education as essential to closing the achievement gap and reducing socioeconomic disparities. He has long believed that education is one key to success for minorities and has dedicated much of his life to ensuring underserved communities have access to quality education. While enrolled at Duke University, Mr. Eatman co-founded an organization that matched black college freshman with black high school freshmen, leveraging the impact college-educated black males can have by mentoring black youth and helping guide their paths to college.

While he was passionate about education-related issues, Kahlmus majored in economics and envisioned a future on Wall Street. Ultimately, he wasn't convinced that a career in investment banking was the right path for him. It wasn't until he landed a position at the Bridgespan Group, a management-consulting firm for non-profits, that he realized his passion for education could also align with his career goals. While at Bridgespan, he worked on a number of projects that not only introduced him to the great work happening in the charter school sector, but also helped him to identify ways he could leverage his particular skills in support of the larger mission for equity in education.

Now, as the Vice President of Operations for Pacific Charter School Development, Mr. Eatman manages the short- and long-term strategies and operations of an organization focusing on developing permanent facilities for charter schools. He credits his background in consulting work – problem-solving and strategic analysis – as the biggest contributors to his success in charter school development.

Mr. Eatman urges students to educate themselves about the larger context of their work, and identify the ways in which their skills and aspirations might align in pursuit of a larger social impact. He assures prospective jobseekers that one can make a comfortable living, enjoy the work you do, and have an impact!

Sajan Philip
Vice President of Finance and Lending
Civic Builders

As the son of Indian immigrants to the U.S., Sajan Philip appreciates firsthand the life-changing impact that can come when hard work and perseverance are met with opportunity. His parents, who came from remote farming villages in India, realized their own "American Dream": home-ownership and college educations for their three children.

Mr. Philip, Vice President of Lending and Finance at Civic Builders, began his professional journey as an Economics/Political Science major with an interest in micro-finance. Unsure of exactly where his career path would lead, he landed an internship with a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), First State Community Loan Fund. There, he was introduced to the world of small business lending and affordable housing, and it piqued his interest in the broader field of community development finance. He went on to Seedco Financial in New York City, where he was a small business loan underwriter. From there, Mr. Philip joined the Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF) as a Credit Associate and worked his way up to Market Director in charge of lending production for the Mid-Atlantic and Central regions. Mr. Philip also holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

Now at Civic Builders, Mr. Philip manages Civic's Fund Management business including the Facilities Investment Fund and New Markets Tax Credit program. He enjoys the challenges that come with finding creative solutions to complicated problems. Mr. Philip urges anyone considering this field to network extensively and says, "It's a fun, cool group of creative people who are intellectually curious and genuinely want to help others."